Empowered Movement Studio & Holistic suite

Empowered Movement Studio & Holistic Suite

Let the creative guide within be your guide

Through rituals of self care, cleansing, dynamic health practices, and the power of expressive movement, PoleArity Palace will help guide you to the next best version of yourself. 

PoleArity Palace is a safe space for all people to feel the permission to be themselves, to move and groove, and to leave shame and self doubt at the door. ALL of you is welcome here, inside of your OWN palace… This is YOUR time to shine!


New Studio Space

New York City

Coming Soon!

We’re excited to announce that late this summer we will be finishing our studio space here in Chelsea, New York City. Our official launch party won’t be until September. Look out for opportunities to take some of the first classes in our new space and to attend the launch. We look forward to seeing you there. 

Astrology Readings

Virtual With

Dave Haskins

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$117 – $137

Instructor Spotlight

Laurel Carpenter has been with PoleArity Palace since we started our virtual classes in March. She teaches Virtual Embodied Odyssey on Thursday’s and Saturday’s at 10 am. 

Laurel is a sensual movement guide and trained master’s level social worker who worked as a licensed S Factor instructor in the NYC studio from 2019-2021 teaching pole fitness and sensual dance.


She became an instructor at the age of 49 to inspire and empower other non-traditional pole students to follow a path towards body image acceptance and self-love at any age, shape, size or background. A professional writer by day, she’s also a swing dancer and Washington Heights resident who has been a part of NYC’s Lindy Hop community with her partner Charles for the past 20 years.     

Click Here to meet all our instructors. 

Empowered Movement Studio & Holistic Health Suite

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Dance Cardio

Movement at home and in the studio.

Pole Fitness

Take a Pole Fitness class at our studio in Chelsea, NYC. Studio Opens March 2022

Holistic Health

Take care of yourself today and tomorrow. We offer state of the art treatments with experienced professionals

Take a class. book a session. follow your heart

Love yourself deeply

Online + In Person classes

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