PoleArity Palace

Mission statement

PoleArity Palace is a movement studio and holistic suite designed to uplift your being through healthy movement practices that encourage conditioning, agility, and the freedom of expression, and through our holistic services that help balance the mind, body, and spirit. 

PoleArity Palace is a safe place for all people to feel the permission to be themselves, to move and groove, and to embrace their own bodies through dynamic health practices and the power of expressive movement.  


We believe in tuning in to the creative guide within and leading through a heart-centered lens. We welcome all into our community to find joy and freedom within their body!

Arul H goldMAN


A vegetarian since 13 years of age, Arul has studied the whole gamut of nutritional philosophies from Ayurvedic, Vegan Paleo, Raw Food, Macrobiotic, and more.  She is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has undergone an extensive course in NES biofeedback, where quantum physics meets the energetic body field.  She is also a certified Lymphatic Drainage therapist and cleansing expert.


Arul ran SanaVita, a brick and mortar center in New York City, for 13 years. SanaVita was noted by many, including Gwynth Paltrow in “Goop”, as a premier center for holistic cleansing. She did this all while birthing and raising 2 kids as a single mama. 


During the beloved pandemic of 2020/21 Arul spent her days in deep gratitude for the gift of time at home with her children.  Staying home and being safe and healthy was the main priority and self care became the daily routine.  Arul started taking dance classes virtually nearly every day, sometimes twice in a day, and it became her anchor when the waters got rocky.  These dance classes became a daily therapeutic release so much so that by the time the world started opening back up again, Arul had a new twinkly in her eye and passion in her heart.  Within months her new baby started to take shape, PoleArity Palace, your home for empowered movement and wellness.  Merging her two great loves, health and movement, Arul has found a new purpose in this lifetime, and a new avenue to continue helping others along their own paths to their next greatest version of themselves.

Amy Danielson

Amy has made her way around the world as a sought-after choreographer, performer, and instructor. Her international credits span working in NYC, Los Angeles, Paris, Zurich, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Denmark, Tulum, Texas, Connecticut, Manila, and Greece. Amy has performed on the stages of celebrity hotspots in LA, including Voyeur, The King King (including produced), The Roxy, celebrity private parties, and many more. Amy has choreographed and performed in music videos and for live performances for various vocal artists in L.A., NYC, and Europe. In 2005, Amy founded Genesis Sarajevo Dance Theatre, a dance company located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a mission to help spread arts to more remote and post-conflict areas. For ten years, she was the Artistic Director and Producer of the dance program, producing numerous shows in professional theaters throughout Eastern Europe. This endeavor, of building a company outside her home country from the ground up, included producing several high-end benefits, galas, and fundraisers. Since 2019 she has been a Studio Director in NYC and is so excited to be bringing PoleArity Palace to the world for increased healing, wellness, and FUN!


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