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Virtual Classes

Our Virtual Classes

• Virtual Classes Are Live!

• Individual Classes are $27.

• You can view the schedule up to one month in advance and register for classes 2 weeks in advance

• Click Here to view the schedule per day.

Virtual Embodied Odyssey

This 90-minute virtual class combines the Goddess Warmup with an opportunity to be witnessed in movement by the class. Students have the option to choose their own music for a solo dance and to receive affirming feedback from the instructor. The class will have access to themes to expand their connection between their mind and body awareness.

Instructor: Laurel Carpenter

Virtual pole flow foundations

This 60 minute class is for pole beginners who would like to learn and practice the basics. We’ll start with a warm up, preparing our bodies and our minds for growth and exploration before we break down the mechanics of some foundational pole moves. Students will have an opportunity to expand their pole movement vocabulary while allowing space for creativity as we gradually progress each skill. For safety and for students to be able to grip and climb the pole, please refrain from wearing any lotions or oils on the skin. Skin and hands should be dry and bare. Proper attire: booty shorts, crop tops, sports bras, bodysuits/leotards (legs should be bare), bare feet are preferable, socks okay.

Instructor: Tweet B

Virtual Sensual Movement

The class includes a Pilates-based sensual warm-up, original music/flow dance exercises, and improvisational dancing. All levels welcome.

Instructor: Meg Louise

Cancellation policy

• 12-Hour Cancellation Policy applies. We understand everyone’s time is precious. This policy is to preserve a healthy environment for class availability, and we kindly ask you to cancel 12 hours ahead of time if your plans change.


• A $17 charge will be automatically added to your account if you do not cancel more than 12 hours in advance or if you do not show up.


• **No refunds on one week trials or classes.