Katie Kozlowski

Embodiment Coaching

Katie Kozlowski is an energy and embodiment coach with a passion for creating freedom, transformation and growth. For the past 11 years she has been leading the way in the field of self led healing and has supported hundreds of beautiful souls in breaking free from patterns, pain and struggle. She is the creator of the transformational method ShaktiBomb™ and her mission is to empower others to create the life they want by leading from the heart. Students in the past have said: “I have to tell you that the shame release we did during the workshop was so powerful! I didn’t fully realize it until I was able to change my environment. I really feel like I’m free from it. And I don’t ever want to look back. I really appreciate your passion to serve and help others heal their broken bits. I can’t thank you enough.” “The shedding shame workshop was amazing! It’s definitely contributed to the safety, structure and consistency I am now establishing as I grow my business and scale. My decision making has been so solid and I have awareness and confidence now where I once had shame and insecurity.” “After just one session with Katie I’ve achieved a huge shift. Katie is so talented in her work, that if you only add your willingness she can help you move a mountain in no time. I highly recommend her and her beautiful soul for healing, guidance and important information.” “Katie is such a beautiful spirit and gifted teacher. Every time I work with her I leave feeling heart, supported, uplifted and empowered.”

Katie Kozlowski


ShaktiBomb™ is an energetic process designed to guide you straight to the roots of trauma so you can release what’s holding you back and rewire your entire system for more love, freedom and success. Each session is unique as it matches your own personal pathway and design but the tools will support you in healing trauma, rewiring the nervous system, clearing karmic and energetic blocks, upgrading DNA and activating your own creative power called Shakti. During these sessions you will co-create a healing with Katie that is designed to bring you closer to your truth and realign your energy in a way that creates a path to inner peace and homeostasis. While there are no limits to how this method can support you, it is up to the participant to integrate the lesson and take action towards creating the outcome they seek.

Non members: $225 Members: $200 – Email us at info@polearitypalace.com to receive your member discount!

Areas Of Expertise

Creative Meditation & use of the imagination to create shifts and healing on multiple levels at once.

Shadow integration and generating wholeness.


Trauma, emotional discord and energetic resolution through meditation & energy work.


Neuroplasticity, Cellular healing, Conscious Creation & Mindset Activation. 

  • NLP Certification
  • Reiki & Rising Star Healing certification
  • EFT training
  • Mindfulness & meditation certification
  • Neuroplasticty Brain, Gut & Heart Solutions
  • BFA musical theatre