When my friend introduced me to Sherry Jibb there was an immediate connection.  She is bringing over a dozen beautiful women together who are experts in Self Love, Acceptance, Body Image, Confidence, Style & Fashion to share their tips and strategies to help us thrive and feel confident. I was very excited when she asked me to be one of them!  This is what I was inspired to share and will be discussing in our interview during the “Love The Skin You’re In” summit taking place February 24-28th.  

When you cleanse, your body or your mind, you are able to slow down from the distractions around you and truly LISTEN and hear the messages of what you truly are in need of.  Embodied movement is also a way to slow down and hear yourself and your cravings to go after what you really want.

My work with people is for them to have an ability to get into the sensual embodiment and cleansing from a place of curiosity and love & joy instead of a place of disgust and shame.  Often times we need support to get started w embodied movement if we are feeling shame, and oftentimes people are starting a cleanse from a place of not loving themselves and wanting to change but really what they need is a shift of perception.  We don’t want to separate ourselves from ourselves, we need to find a way back to our true SELVES, and cleansing, releasing the clutter, and using sensual movement as a vehicle to move our bodies authentically with our hearts and not our minds, are two components of finding ourselves back to self-love and appreciation.  This doesn’t happen through rejection.  Rejection of foods, of eating, of ways of being, or of not wanting to connect into our bodies b/c we are finding faults with ourselves.  It’s about embracing who we are and recognizing our true selves again.  Many of us look at these elements through a distorted lens of toxicity or judgment, but in reality, we need to embrace cleansing our bodies in order to cleanse our minds of these irrational beliefs, and then move our bodies freely with empowered self-love.

Slowing down enough in our movement and thorough cleansing, letting the body slow down and empty a bit, is how we can actually hear what our bodies are truly asking for and craving.  THEN when we are able to connect and drop in, we are able to move forward with clarity and true authenticity.

I have my own personal journey of years of cleansing and moving my body in different ways trying to find peace inside my own skin.  After years of distortion, self-abuse, and eating disorders I finally connected the dots and combined these two practices to rediscover wholeness again. This has been the inspiration to tie these two worlds together and birth PoleArity Palace, a studio for empowered movement and holistic suite.